Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Parable of the Gay Man

Once there was a preacher whose colleagues felt he was a little too compassionate for his own good. And one day his fellow church leaders came into his office with a young man. Then they said to the preacher, "We have just found out that this man is a homosexual. The rules of our church says that he can no longer be a member of our congregation, but what do you say?" They wanted to test the preacher, so that they could perhaps remove him from his post.

At first the preacher just doodled on a notepad, as if he didn't hear them. But when the men became louder and asked the question again, the preacher said, "Anyone here who feels he is without sin and worthy to be in this congregation, I'll let that man kick this one out of our church." Then the preacher resumed doodling.

Every church leader left the room one by one, until only the young man and the preacher were left. The preacher said to the man, "Where did everyone go? Did they kick you out?" And the young man said no. "Then I won't kick you out either," the preacher said. "You may go now, but sin no more."

Then the young man turned to the preacher and said, " 'Sin no more'? Fuck you, I haven't done anything wrong."


Anonymous said...

So you have basically used a story about the woman caught in adultery and changed it to be a gay man. Very interesting and sort of effective until the curve ball at the end. Are you saying homosexuality is not a sin, or is the gay man in denial of what the bible teaches? just because you found a reference to the sin of Sodom not being homosexuality, that doesn't negate what the Bible teaches elsewhere regarding the sin of homosexuality.

Rusty Spell said...

Hey, Anonymous. Thanks for the comment and question. You're right, of course, about certain books of the Bible teaching that homosexuality is a sin. What I'm saying, then, is that the Bible (and the preacher) is wrong.