Friday, May 20, 2011

May 21, 2011: In Perspective

As you've probably heard or seen on billboards, Family Radio, founded by Harold Camping, has said that Judgment Day and the Rapture will be on May 21, 2011 (at about 6:00 pm, in whatever time zone you're in) and that the end of the world itself will be later the same year on October 21 after five months of suffering for those left behind. The Rapture will be accompanied by earthquakes and will take about three percent of the population.

Of course, mainstream Christians do not believe this prophecy. They know that one god created everything in the universe, that he was a father who begat (without a mother) only one son, both of whom -- along with a magic spirit -- are part of a unit that is actually three entities in one. When this creator god created the first two humans, a snake tricked them into eating a piece of fruit, so sin began and mankind was cursed. But one day, a woman who had never had sex was impregnated by the magic spirit and gave birth to this son of the god in human form. This god in human form was nailed to a piece of wood so that humanity's sins could be forgiven, but three days later (after diving into the underworld first, where the punished are tormented forever) he was brought back to life and floated upward in the sky where his father lived. But, one day, the son of this creator god will return to judge those living and those who have died (a resurrection of dead bodies occurring somewhere in this timeline), appearing in a cloud in the sky with trumpets being blown by creatures who are immortal and live in the sky but are not themselves considered gods. Anyone who accepts that the human version of the son of the god is in fact the actual son of the god (especially if they also ceremonially are covered with water, eat crackers, and drink wine) will be forgiven and called up to the sky, but those who do not will suffer until the world finally ends.

But to say that this judgment day is going to be Saturday is too far-fetched to be believed!